She had on her favorite pair of blue jeans

Slip-on shoes and an American Eagle T

A zipper up jacket and glasses she hated to wear

Pulled up and out of her face kind of hair

She was a modern day fairytale princess

Filled with love and insecurities locked behind a wall in her chest

And I fell in love at first sight

So did she but she put up one hell of a fight

I fell in love with a woman I just had to meet

I befriended a stranger just to sweep her off her feet

I kissed her cheek and touched her heart

I caught her off guard and tore her worries apart

But in the end she rescued me

And when my world fell to pieces she gave me a reason to breathe

She used to run to me

Now she runs from a memory

We used to speak all day everyday

Now she can’t find a single word to say

Her heart used to beat so fast

Now all her colors are turning black

She used to think of me and burn

Now the fever broke as she does her best to unlearn

We might have burnt our britches

But now we are just burning our bridges

She moving to Delaware filled with memories and regrets

Packed with emotions and her menthol cigarettes

Running away from her rearview mirror

Windshield wipers and music making things a little clearer

She’s fixing her smeared makeup while she gives another car the finger

Searching for her cherry Chapstick even though on her lips it still lingers

It’s always been her way or the highway but they all thought she was bluffing

Maybe she was but today she was running

Away from it all

Building a new life behind her walls

Her World

She’s a million miles
Hundreds of fake smiles
And all those feelings keep her away
Her heart speaks but her mouth has nothing to say
Unclaimed emotions
As she’s going along with the daily motion
Day to day
She’s not asking to be saved
All that love they shared
She must pretend now not to care
In her heart he lives and breathe
But in his life she had to leave

It was the best news that I ever heard

Till I realized that hope is just another four letter word

Should have packed my bags and feelings

Should have never wasted so much time staring at the ceiling

Birthday promises and talking about children

Watching words collapsing like buildings

So glad you can forget

While I’m left still paying for my bad bets

I guess you were always right

I could waged the war but could never get you to fight

We were like two kids dreaming

Promising the world without ever knowing the meaning