I never meant to suffocate your flames

But my heart couldn’t be tamed 

Not when it came to you

Not when you tasted like good news

I couldn’t stop chasing the dream

And I couldn’t settle for anything in between 

So when push came to shove 

I drowned in your love

He longs for her breath

For her absence stings like death

He does his best to reach

But he fumbles with his speech

She was the right person at the wrong time

She had to ease the pain and her mind

She cut all ties and burned all the bridges

She moved forward but only in inches

She found a little spot where he doesn’t belong

Surrounded by love and little people calling her mom

Years go by but some things never change

He convinces his heart that it’s time to beat again

He reaches out his hand and does his best to be a friend

Waiting on a call that’s never coming

Waiting for my anxiety to calm but it keeps running

Waiting on a love that’s way past gone

Waiting for a choice to be reversed but it’s been too long

Hoping to wake from a dream that is slowly turning into a nightmare

Hoping to find anything in this world that could compare

I’m waiting on a miracle

But life is cynical

So I’m waiting in a line that has no end

How did we die when we never had a chance to begin?

I never wanted much from you I only asked for everything

But I was bound to fail fighting an unbreakable ring

I tried taking all I could

Gave you more than I ever should

You are my cancer without any cure

My intent was pure

So wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze till I can no longer breathe

Smother me with your love and finger my heart and promise to never leave

She wears me thin like secondhand clothes

She still loves me even though she doesn’t know

She’s getting older and her bones start to ache

I’m learning to let go as my heart slowly breaks 

I try to mend the bridge to be friends 

But soon as I see her my heart starts to beat again 

Her eyes are my scripture

As I quietly worship her picture

For another reason and another rhyme

How about one last time

Mere words recycled and reused 

So many women and it always comes back to you