Come on over

Come a little closer

Kiss my lips and let me kiss you back

Let’s take our history and unpack

Open the doors we closed

We both deserve so much more

Your heart shaped in a life vest

Keeping our future abreast

Let’s go the rounds

Two becoming one as we settle down



Looking for the words to say hello

But yesterday was so long ago

You captured my heart and head

Crawling in and out of my bed

Making my knees weak

I’ve got so many photos I cannot delete

All the songs you shared with me

Every time you quivered and begged me please 

We both knew the end was always around the corner 

So we crossed every border 

I ripped the cloth of your soul 

In attempt to make us whole 

And no one will ever know what we’ve been through

And why I miss you 

She was a long shot that I was destined to take
My heart was an object she was destined to break
I couldn’t fully quench her thirst 
She loved me but her feelings never came first 

I’ve touched heavens gate

I’ve watched love become a mistake 
I sit with plenty of regret 
Over how easily she can forget 
But it was never her fault
For the ocean breathes salt 
And I’ve always loved her more
Deep down I always knew what was in store
When the lights go out and you’re all alone
Do you subconsciously think of me and silently moan
When he works your last nerve and you want to run away
Do you think of us and better days
Silly thoughts like these drown my head
Mixed with all the words you ever said 
I hide from those things at the bar
As I watch your life from afar 
I close my eyes and count to three
And remind myself to breathe 

I stumble and fall

My fist hit the wall
I scream so loud
To myself through the shroud 
My heart begs for a reason
While my hand makes treason 
Bitter and confused
I can’t stop fucking loving you

Come home

Neither of us should be alone
Kiss me
Tell me that you missed me
Under the sheets 
Make me feel complete 
I never strayed 
But tell me I’m bad and make me behave 
Tie me up with emotions 
Strangle me with your devotion  
Make me smoke a cigarette 
All those nights you were gone make me forget