It’s so hard to say

When all the bullshit gets in our way

When there’s no place for the blame

When it’s too hard to say your name

When all the lights begin to dimmer

When the hope in our eyes no longer glimmers

But all the love never fades

And all the rights and wrongs turn to gray

But I can still feel your heartbeat

And I know deep down inside that you’re sorry

….and I forgive you

She used to sneak up the steps

I used to take her breath

She fucked me until there was nothing left

She moaned so load I became deaf

I kissed her goodbye as if I was saying hello

She had a certain glow

She pushed me away but never let me let her go

I told her that I love her and all she said was “I know”

The earth shakes

Her walls start to break

A simple kiss

On a night like this

Her fears are paralyzed

Thirty some years old and just now she finally felt alive

He took her heart

And life as she knew it fell apart

Her lies crumbled

Her plans fumbled

He was the one

And no matter what that kiss could never be undone

With you it was always easy to pretend

You taught me the rules and how they bend

And that there is truth in every lie

That I can read everything in your eyes

That hate and love goes hand and hand

That there are something’s that we will never understand

That there are something’s that don’t need to be explained

And that not every fault comes with blame

That not every theft is a crime

And that everything has its time

That we hurt the ones we love the most

That love never dies but simply fades into a ghost

She walked away from everything we had

From everything we planned

She doesn’t love me like she did yesterday

And that makes me so afraid

That none of it was real

That I can’t trust what I feel

Because my heart still beats the same

Because she’s moved on and for me nothing has changed

Because I still love her with all of my heart

Long after all of her words fell bitterly apart

I always kept my heart on my sleeve

So you could always reach me

I leave my words like a trail for you to follow

Because reality for me has been a hard pill to swallow

It’s time I face the facts

That your love is long gone and you’re never coming back

That you were never truly here

That I have loved a ghost for too many years

It’s time I face my mistakes

It’s time I accept my place

I loved you with no ground to stand

While you helped my heart to expand

I’ll always be grateful for the grace in your lips

For you breaking script

For all the hopes and dreams

For making my life anything but ordinary, like a perfect scene

That last line is only for you

Some things are just too hard to undo

Maybe one day you will realize

I’m really not that bad of a guy

We were sitting quietly on the couch

I started touching her leg and she started kissing my mouth

I asked her if I could take off her shirt

She told me yes while she giggled and smirked

I kissed her chest

I started to unbutton her pants and she didn’t protest

We made love while listening to Ed Sheeran

She found grace and I found someone to believe in

Her body started to shake

Her innocence was mine to take

I could barely breathe

I was drowning in her sea