On the mountain side

I’m here tonight

Let the sun melt the snow

Watch the water flow

The past is just a story

In its true colors, full of naive glory

So many chapters

With unexpected ever after’s

Always here a million miles away

I never loved anyone the way I loved you today

She sits alone in two states

She fights for him even if she knows it’s too late

She builds walls just to let him back in

She wants to start over but doesn’t know where to begin

She wants to write but the words don’t feel like her own

She hesitates to call a place home

Two midgets pull on regrets

A bruised heart that cannot forget

She wants to scream but she can’t find justification

She doesn’t realize she’s being suffocated by her procrastination

She sits alone and debates

She no longer knows what she wants but she’s dying to escape

Take away my hopes and dreams

Take away what you mean to me

Because I must leave you behind

So far away that you’ll be impossible to ever find

I must delete everything that I’ve been holding on to

It’ll be a hard accomplishment since not even time has been able to cover up the very thought of you

Forget the times when it all felt so innocent

When we were naked and you looked heaven sent

You made me feel so able

Believing there will always be twenty days in April

But I should forget the promises we made

For we were broken and afraid

Because time holds us all in checkmate

You will always be everything but a mistake

I had a dream about forever

It was you and I together

But tomorrow is finally here

And it’s time that dream disappears

So I will stumble away and smile

Some forever’s only last for a little while

The words I write fall meaninglessly of this page
As the words you once spoke start to show their age
There is no common ground left for either of us to stand
And I am growing weak and cannot keep up with my heart’s demands
For my love is eternal and shall never fade
But perhaps some monsters are best kept locked away