You kept me so high off the ground
While your heart never made a sound
Your lips were convincing enough
You always kept me up
Your beautiful eyes held me captured 
By far you are the better actor 
And I bought tickets just to watch my own heart break
You’ll always be my favorite mistake 
A light is burning, flickering in the wind
My words I whisper and bend
Hearts are broken and bruised 
Poets lie dying without their muse
My pen runs dry so I carve the meaning into my heart
And let the memories guide me out of the dark
My bones are getting restless again
My heart is itching and ready to sin
My skin is burning for your touch
My loins are full of lust
I want to drink you dry
I want the comfort of your sweet innocent lies 
Our lips together do a mutual good
Oh how I wish you would…

You’re a constellation of stars

I’m a consolation in your heart

I broke your little façade

All awhile you left me flawed

We would always color outside those lines

We would break all those rules and now we’re paying for all our fines

And I love you still

And I always will

She sits in a house that goes unchanged

She desires more but everything stays the same

She screams loudly in her mind

She’s growing tired of the same routine time after time

She knows she should be happy in her ever after

So she smiles without any laughter

She got everything that she ever thought she wanted

But somehow she still ended up so broken hearted

Now there’s too much at stake

That her own happiness would only be a mistake

So she kisses him with her eyes open

He doesn’t realize that her heart was stolen

She realizes there’s a difference between being in love and loving someone

But she has no place to escape to, nowhere to run

I lay my head down and pray

I’m lost and I finally realized I never knew the way

Show me Your grace

Lift up my spirit and my face

Be my rock and my home

Never let me feel alone

Forgive me and all of my lies

I had it all but never realized

I didn’t understand

What it truly meant to be a man

Her eyes were like a lighthouse showing me the way

She wasn’t perfect but she wasn’t a mistake

Her heart was the shore where I was left stranded

She got me so high that I still haven’t landed

We were the best of friends and the worst of enemies

Six years later and she still means the world to me