Alright peeps, I don’t like to ask for help but I need help. On July 13th 2014 I will be participating in the Pittsburgh Pancreatic Walk. The goal is to raise money to help fund research and find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer. This hits home with me because in 2012 I lost my mum to Pancreatic Cancer. I have three ways you can help;


1. Click the link and join my team and walk with us in honor of my mum’s memory. It costs $25 to walk with us.


2. Click the link and donate money to either the cause or the team (they both go to the same place).


3. If you don’t have the money or just don’t want to (I get it) just repost this or make your own post using this link and help me get the word out.


Here’s the Link June’s Prep Cooks


The people behind the event are called Purple Stride. Click here to read about them or the event


Go to the National Cancer Institute website and educate yourself to what Pancreatic Cancer is.


Come on peeps, I need your help



It’s a mocking bird song that jerks my heart

It’s a single picture that reminds me we’re more than just miles apart

How did I let things get the way they are today

I’m a failure, not for my mistakes but because I still allow them to get in the way

My advances are stuck in cement

In the distance I find complacent

It wears heavier on me then I let show

I keep my head high but my heart hangs low

Every time I look away another piece of me dies

I’m tired of this life and of my disguise

Would you take my hand if I was brave enough to reach

Would you lend me your ear for my speech

Would you forgive my sins

Could you ever open your heart and let me in

You’re so beautiful that it hurts

I need to stop this before it gets worse

Before it’s too late

I love you so much but I can’t get my shit straight


My soul is in a knot
It’s all my heart thinks about
A loop of words in a figure eight
My hands try to translate
Back and forth on repeat
So simple but sweet
I love you
I love you

Baby, I can’t look at you when you’re looking at me

Sitting in this room with you is making it hard to breathe

I’m trying my best not to run

I’m trying my best not to come undone

Who am I kidding

We both know my walls are crumbling

I got to go, my hearts in danger

Please don’t come back till we are strangers

I can’t go on living like this

When there’s too much I miss

It’s hard to be friends when love is all that shows

It’s even harder baby to let it go

She tells me that she’ll disappear

But maybe it’s me that doesn’t belong here

After all she seems to be doing fine

And I keep wasting our time

So I’ll just show myself to the door

I look back at you sitting on the floor

And I see you’re in no danger

Perhaps in the silence we already became strangers

I can’t go on living like this

When there’s too much I miss

It’s hard to be friends when love is all that shows

It’s even harder baby to let it go

At a bar I sit and you just pass me by

Neither of us drinks, I guess we’re here for the lies

I want to ask if you’re doing ok

But our eyes almost meet and I look away

So much history that we pawned

So many whispers yet neither of us respond

Our love is becoming endanger

We were two lovers’ now just distant strangers

I couldn’t go on living like that

When there was too much I wanted back

It was too hard to be your friend even after the glow

It was even harder baby when I let you go

(I could never let you go)

I find it’s hard to adjust
Traded faith for lust
I close my eyes
This ends tonight
My potential is a book going unread
Our dreams never made it out of the bed
Faith brought us together for you to tear us apart
I promised you forever and you ripped out my heart
Somedays I feel like I don’t belong
Sometimes I feel like every decision I made was wrong
Somehow I’m trapped behind my own wall
Does any of it matter when it’s all my fault
I see your face and it’s like you’re mocking me
Every reason that held you back turns into irony
Be still my beating heart
For the beauty I see is tearing it apart
And she can’t utter a fucking word
But she looks into my eyes and we both became birds
I guess I made it all up
Either way I had enough
I wash my hands
Some things I don’t need to understand

Hang the Christmas lights and decorate the tree
Let your hair down and let me see
Where you were isn’t where you are today
I’ll take care of your heart, there’s no reason to be afraid


I don’t even know where we can go

But wherever you are I want to be there with you on that road

Let me see your beautiful face once more

Bring an end to this love fought war

We’ve been estranged for far too long

All of our excuses are dead and gone

I know you’re scared and a bit insecure

Just let me hold you till you’re reassured

I’ll take you at your worst

I’ll finally quench your thirst

You’re my love and my mass

I can never be your first but let me be your last


Yours always…