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I always kept my heart on my sleeve

So you could always reach me

I leave my words like a trail for you to follow

Because reality for me has been a hard pill to swallow

It’s time I face the facts

That your love is long gone and you’re never coming back

That you were never truly here

That I have loved a ghost for too many years

It’s time I face my mistakes

It’s time I accept my place

I loved you with no ground to stand

While you helped my heart to expand

I’ll always be grateful for the grace in your lips

For you breaking script

For all the hopes and dreams

For making my life anything but ordinary, like a perfect scene

That last line is only for you

Some things are just too hard to undo

Maybe one day you will realize

I’m really not that bad of a guy

We were sitting quietly on the couch

I started touching her leg and she started kissing my mouth

I asked her if I could take off her shirt

She told me yes while she giggled and smirked

I kissed her chest

I started to unbutton her pants and she didn’t protest

We made love while listening to Ed Sheeran

She found grace and I found someone to believe in

Her body started to shake

Her innocence was mine to take

I could barely breathe

I was drowning in her sea

She’s my anchor every time I want to run

When I get bad news she becomes my hired gun

She’s my harbor when the storm gets too rough

She’s the better person calling all of my bluffs

I’m the one she’s always thinking of

And she loves me when I give her nothing to love

I’m so fucking selfish

And she’s so perfect that it makes me envious

Hey lady stranger

Won’t you be a neighbor

Lend me an ear

And forgive me my dear

I know we can’t go back

But why must the future be so black

I miss my friend

All the good times, why did they end

You gave me your heart to hold

And I gave you a promise so bold

We became a car wreck that neither one of us wanted to see

I was so helpless watching you leave

I try my best

Not to hang around like the rest

I try so hard

But in my heart you’re never too far

But hey lady stranger

I’ll do my best to remain quiet for the remainder




I love you




You’re so far away
And the words get harder to say
I want to run across the states
Just to see your face
You’re getting so big
Soon you won’t even be a kid
I struggle to relate
Ashamed of all my mistakes
If things could be different
I’d change the past in an instant
It’s hard even to text
I stare at the screen wondering what comes next
It went from counting fingers and toes
To having all this love and being afraid to let it show
I’m lost with what to do
I want to be there for you
Or am I already too late
I did mess up twelve years straight
And I’m sorry only goes so far before it falls apart
I may be quiet but you’re always in my heart

Worlds collided

Hearts and minds were divided

Passion erupted

Lives were interrupted

Innocence was being lost

It was worth every cost

Heaven and hell

Never kiss and tell

It was a losing fight

Each and every night

But love meant losing the war

And he loved her down to the core

You kept on your heart a blindfold

When I told you lies you took it like fool’s gold

You never wanted to believe

All the worst things about me

I broke your trust

I forfeited love for lust

I made so many mistakes

I lost track of everything that was at stake

I was so wrong

And we both knew it all along

But give me your hand and I’ll give you my heart

Forgive my pardons and let me play my part

Let my lips reach for grace

Let my hands wipe the tears falling down your face

Let’s slow dance and have better days

I’m a changed man in so many ways