Author Archives: Michael Agostino

The light is making it hard to see
And this love makes it hard to breathe
I might be gone but still I worry
And you might be absent but are still part of this story
I loved you then and I love you now
And I always will, even when it’s not allowed

Through the music on the radio

I see your face and feel your soul

So much that I want to pick the phone back up

But we both agree enough is enough

It’s so hard to unfollow our dreams

To step behind the camera and stay behind the scenes

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

So imagine the hurt caused by seeing two birds

My wings were clipped

I lost my grip

It was hard to breathe

But that’s when I had to leave

So I change the station just to hear another song

I try to black you out but I end up just singing along

But that’s how my story goes

You can still love someone long after you’ve let them go

On the mountain side

I’m here tonight

Let the sun melt the snow

Watch the water flow

The past is just a story

In its true colors, full of naive glory

So many chapters

With unexpected ever after’s

Always here a million miles away

I never loved anyone the way I loved you today

She sits alone in two states

She fights for him even if she knows it’s too late

She builds walls just to let him back in

She wants to start over but doesn’t know where to begin

She wants to write but the words don’t feel like her own

She hesitates to call a place home

Two midgets pull on regrets

A bruised heart that cannot forget

She wants to scream but she can’t find justification

She doesn’t realize she’s being suffocated by her procrastination

She sits alone and debates

She no longer knows what she wants but she’s dying to escape