Author Archives: Michael Agostino

Inside my own mind

Lost in time

Softly, my thoughts fall

Secretly building my own walls

So naïve

I look but never see

My heart feels what my hands cannot touch

I close my eyes but it’s never enough

Stonewalls were built long before

What we don’t have we’ll always want more

Starving for attention

Love not given becomes an obsession

My heart beats effortlessly

Willingly knowing that some things will never be

You were the sweetest thing from the start

It took one look and you captured my heart

You took my feet off the ground

Everything I lost became found

You put the pieces back together

You made me believe in a forever

We hung memories on my wall

You gave me hope and I gave you my all

All those honest talks

I stopped chasing the hands on the clock

You seemed so innocent and afraid

Such an elaborate escapade

And I fell for it all

I loved you to a fault

Sometimes winners lose

Even angles bruise

Halos grow dim

And lovers forget what to believe in

But there was a time

When nothing slipped past our minds

And there was a place

Where we made the sweetest mistakes

And our wrongs made rights

And our love was always worth the fight

Woke up this morning and felt out of place

Searching for the dreams that I had misplaced

I washed my face and then I was gone

She gave me a dear john

But the look in her eyes had said it all

On my knees praying to Saint Paul

Crippled and confused

Left with nothing to prove

Reading through the chapters

Trying to highlight all the factors

On my heart a paper cut

I start to bleed but today that’s just my luck

I got a rain cloud over my head

A dunce cap and a broken bed

Once afraid of change

But now I’m afraid things will always be the same

Watching people as they come and go

No one looks and no one knows

But there’s a change in the weather

Will this storm keep us apart or make us come back together

The road ahead is looking so weary

And I’m all out of theories

Such a beautiful delirium

Performing in this empty auditorium

Call it chaos

But all cannot be lost

I send all my hope out on the wind

Looking for options while momentarily at this dead end

He saw forever

Fate brought them together

He touched her face

And he became her favorite mistake

She closes her eyes

She does her best to improvise

But pain has deep roots

They both do their best to never pursuit

But from time to time

He brushes across her mind

And she smiles for real

As she remembers how he made her feel

But then she moves on

Maybe she is that strong

So he does the same

But inside for both of them nothing will ever change

I was just a boy running from your face

Now I’m a man trying to learn from his mistakes

I know that I broke your heat

I know that I let all of our dreams fall apart

I could never change the past

But this time I know we can last

I can rebuild that bridge

Give us the life that we were meant to live

This time you get my all

This time I’ll catch you when you fall

I was just too blind to see

You have always been my everything