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Staring through my rearview

I keep searching for you

Switching lanes

But it all stays the same

You were like my cruise control

But cruising in a stolen car took its toll

I was just a footnote on your collapsing ever after

I thought I was your leading man but I was just another supporting actor

I couldn’t fix what was broken behind that smile

Every day for you I went that extra mile

So my hands are clean when it comes to your troubled heart

I tried to love you but you didn’t want any part

I should be done but random thoughts always lead back to you

I guess my heart is slow because it doesn’t have a clue

For you it still beats

For you I still write in hopes that you still read

Now I know that we will always be a never

But you will always be my forever


This love I have for you, it’s shameless

I could beat my head against a wall and it’s painless

I love you too selfishly to ever be your friend

I write you so many texts but I could never hit send

I watch you from a distance, never knowing what to say

Holding on to memories and any words you throw my way

I wish I knew how to write my way back into your heart

And I wish I knew the moment for you when the hope of us fell apart

Did I give you too much love, did I saturate your heart

Were we just a fleeting moment always destined to part

You gave what you could but I’ll always want more

Now you’re a ghost that I keep reaching for

A duet by Michael & Olivia

Olivia’s Blog

You’re a constellation of stars

I’m a consolation in your heart

I broke your façade

You left me flawed

We always would color outside the lines

We broke all the rules and now we’re paying for all our fines

And I love you still

And always will

Do you ever miss me?

Do you still dream?

I’ve spun a lot of lies in my life time

I’ve been a ghost, a romantical mime

I’ve framed misconceptions on the walls

I’ve gave nothing and claimed it was my all

But never with you

Every last nanosecond was utterly true

There are no real questions but I still hope you say yes

Just know that I will always love you and don’t ever expect nothingness

To tell you the truth most days I don’t even know what to believe in

Because my judgment is clouded with so much fear and sin

I hear accept Jesus and be born again

Then I would alienate all my new so called friends

So I wear my faith like a sleeve

For I can cover up the fact that I believe

I walk a tightrope to disguise my convictions

I forfeit my faith to avoid frictions

Disagreement isn’t hatred

And this muzzle I wear is making me feel jaded

We all make mistakes

No one’s perfect as we all are trying to save face

I’m supposed to respect my friend’s beliefs while they mock my own

I’m not what you see on a Facebook post, I’m not a hypocritical clone

I don’t point fingers or place blame

I’ve got too much of my own shame

I got so much weighing on my heart

I got too much passion I keep in the dark

I have a Savior that died for me

I’m a free man that was found guilty

I’ve spent the last few years lost in the sea but I’m headed back to the shore

I settled for the pleasures of the flesh but I want something more

There’s so much I need to change

I can’t move forward and stay the same

I’ll continue to mess up

But the way I am living isn’t enough

It needs to be more of Him and less of me

I might be the only bible that a person might ever get to read

So if I lose some friends and followers and become less popular

All because I believe in God the Father

That’s a chance I’m now willing to take

Because in the end I’m still the same idiot continuing to make stupid mistakes

I don’t want to argue or condemn

I’m just broken on this road looking to mend


Michael Agostino:

I absolutely love this…just saying

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

Your words are haunting
this is true

So I wonder
are you waiting on that bus
or is it waiting on you

I like to read your little mystery
the feelings you express
captivate me

Old love
new love
who’s to say

The story’s a little different each day
it doesn’t matter a bit to me
I find it all
very interesting

But I wonder
are you getting on that bus
or getting off

What is really going on
at that bus stop

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I long for your face

To ease the pain that time cannot erase

That smirk of yours and the marks of the sun

The curves of your body that could never be outdone

The skills you’ve perfected while learning from your mistakes

How you always give more than you’re willing to take

I long for the friend who always told me what to do

I miss everything between me and you

I can keep biting my tongue but I’ll still feel the same way

And I love you more now than I did yesterday