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You broke my heart without even trying
You saved my life when I was dying
You showed me mercy with your lips
While I buried my love between your hips
You devoured my innocents with those emerald eyes
I filled your heart with love while you filled your head with lies
Touching your heart was like touching the sun
And I burned for you because I knew you were the one

Michael Agostino:

Just a little duet with Bruised Belly (an excellent writer in my humble opinion). Read our duet and then head over to her site and fall in love with her words. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:


Written by Michael Agostino & Bruised Belly

She lights me up like the fourth of July
He is the grand finale lighting up my sky
She gives me purpose while I give her justice
He lets me run amuck yet his love fully encompasses
We crash together and capsize
Drowning in each other’s eyes
We swim to the surface causing nothing but unforgettable ruckus
Rolling with the waves of our beautiful mess
Building each other anew
Holding together like Gorilla Glue
Within each other we build a home
Our beating hearts no longer wish to roam
We’re a pulse we must pursue
Our blood bleeding the same hue
Together we rule this world of our own
A king and queen that cannot be dethroned

So I’ve been following this guy Michael over at The Bus Stop Blues since I can’t remember when, maybe Day 1.  Maybe he started following me…

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We made promises like children

We watched as love turned into a villain

We let life push us apart

Now we’re just a thought behind a wall trapped in a heart

Where did we go

Everyone talks but nobody knows

We are just a name on their lips

I try to hold on but I’m losing my grip

Was any of it real

My pride is starting to collapse and I just want to feel

I’m alone in a room and I just want to talk to you

I just want my friend back, I don’t want anything new…

i’ve been so far from you

so I doubt my words have been coming through

with static on the radio listening to new songs

i  understand why you had to move on

but i’ll be your johnny to your june

i can walk the line to any tune

my feet keeps moving while my heart stays still

now it’s been more than my hands that are dying to feel

you’re my folsom prison

for you these words were written

but I’ll stay away

no new memories just the past on replay

i’m never coming home

but i’ll be waiting behind a dial tone

my love will always be true

i’m just a man stuck in time loving you

my love will always be true i’m just a man stuck in time loving you

my love will always be true
i’m just a man stuck in time loving you

I can be your escape goat

That lump in your throat

Your little getaway

The ocean to your bay

Your biggest regret

Your favorite secrete

Your fucking metaphor

Your one night stand and so much more

The reason why you smile

Your forever trapped in a little while

Your story you could never tell

Your piece of heaven while visiting hell

The painter on your empty canvas

The comfort within your madness

Your twisted thoughts that make your head spin

The only person you ever truly let in

The reason you sit behind your wall

I can be it all

She’s a master bricklayer

Whose love is so much greater

But it’s hard for the world to see

But it’s even harder for her to let her feelings be

A product of a broken home

She doesn’t want them to be her clone

She hides behind yesterday

She stays for the kids can play

Fake smiles are convincing enough

Deep down she’s really not this tough

I should have seen it from the very start

I could never have her hand but forever will have her heart

Love letters become carry on luggage

And memories are like a nightly rummage

Broken hearts like broken glass

Nothing ever last

But the pain

The stains of love always remain the same

My hand shakes with regret

Like a lesson I learned that I’m now trying to forget