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You were a preexisting condition in my heart

So when it came to loving you I had a head start

My only fault was showing you all my cards

But perhaps that’s how I was able to catch you so off guard

You tried real hard but you ended up falling for me

Not even your walls could stop what was meant to be

Michael Agostino:

Last thing I will reblog tonight peeps, from my younger daughter.

Originally posted on The Bus Stop Blues:

My 8yr old daughter wrote her dying nana a letter and I wanted to share it with you all. Nothing was fixed or change, her words, her spelling and her feelings.

I will always be sunshine no matter what. I will never forget you. I will never forget the times we go to the dame or just stay home and just watch a movie. I miss those times I hope we could do that now. Your the best nana. I wish we can do that now.
I remember the time you sang you are my sunshine.
Your Sunshine


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Originally posted on The Bus Stop Blues:

So strong, so stubborn so don’t let go

I’m selfishly trying to hold on to her because I’m going to lose control

You mean the world to me; you are the world to me

So crippled I’m struggling to get up off my knees

Everything I’ve ever been through it was you who had my back

You who bent over backwards to always keep me on track

It hurts right down to my core to see you in so much pain

I don’t think there will ever be blue skies again only grey as everything will change

I want to go back, way back in time

Rebuild the bridge between you and me so I could fix things before tonight

I have a life time full of regrets and full of love battling for my attention

I’m searching for a life extension but preparing myself for her ascension

Lost for…

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Originally posted on The Bus Stop Blues:

Dear mama,

Autumn never felt so cold and pain never felt so sincere

I’m losing my final bit of innocence and being forced to face my fears

You’re millions of miles away

But you’re still here in my heart today

I keep thinking you’ll walk out of your room and I expect to smell the aroma of your cooking

Around every corner for you I keep looking

What a show of true love to hold out to give him one last anniversary

You showed me love even before the nursery

I’ve never lost anyone I ever loved in my entire life

Losing you first just doesn’t seem right

Mama are you really gone?

Oh my god this all just seems so wrong

Today my heart is heavy and troubled is my mind

I wish I had more time

Mama I thought I would never want to come back home again

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Originally posted on The Bus Stop Blues:

Can anyone tell me where the sun went
Why a god I don’t believe in is a god that I resent
Why it has to hurt still so much inside
Why every time I am alone I can’t help but to cry
I leave messages on your wall like if you can still see
I look at your pictures and forget how to breathe
Where did my life go
I’m terrified that I’m slowly losing control
I want you back here on earth
I want all our time back, we can start with my birth
And give me a chance to be a better son
Perhaps even prevent the cancer from making our tomorrow come undone
Who do I run to with my silly questions and comments
How can I ever feel content
My heart starts to race like it’s going to beat right out of my chest
Countless panic…

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Michael Agostino:

Felt like sharing some stuff that’s hitting close to home this week. Sorry for the reblogs peeps.

Originally posted on The Bus Stop Blues:

Somedays I close my eyes and I can no longer picture her
Try to think of a memory but it’s all a blur
I forget the sound of her voice speaking to me
I try so hard to remember that I forget to breathe
Filled with so many regrets
But somedays I wake and I forget
Feels like you’re still here
Still feeling my innocence I carry on with no tears
I wonder what you’re up to
Making dinner and I forget what to do
I grab my phone
And realize I’m on my own
Days turns to months and people no longer ask; how am I doing and if I’m ok
I lost my mom but for them it’s just another day
I will never be able to speak to her again
So all I’m asking for is a comfort of a good friend

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Originally posted on The Bus Stop Blues:

Time given as the news breaks
One slice left of celebratory cake
Minutes to procrastinate
Adds up to infinite hours too late
At the table they all sit but do not say
For the truth is written in many different ways
For one freedom lies ahead
But for another a sentence for the words never said
The heat of the summer and the coldness of tomorrow
All the time she was given was theirs to borrow
A piece of him ran away
A piece of her will always stay
Faces unrecognizable in the mirror
As yesterday becomes clearer
Crutches made out of pills
Disabling the ability to feel
Checking for a pulse he becomes sober
As June fades away into October

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