Curtain Call

I Do Not Own This Picture. I found it on a google search.











I’m sorry that I can’t be

The man I wanted you to see

You got the best that I could give

But it’s time I forgive

There will be parts that I regret

And things I will never forget

I find it all so hard to believe

I can’t find a reason why you would still read

I thank you for your time

For the inspiration behind these rhymes

If I had it all to do again

I’d try my best to keep you as my friend

I just wanted to say

That I’m sorry for yesterday

I’m sorry for the pain

For all that we both lost and never gained

You were just too beautiful to resist

And I’ll always want one last kiss

But the words will stop and life will move along

For I’ve been at this bus stop for far too long



not my picture