Hope All Is Well…

I sit here and debate
I fight the feeling that we call fate
Am I awake or is this just a dream
I open the window as my mind screams
A one sided story with me alone on this stage
Love becomes blurry and often turns into rage
I took what I believed and stood out on a ledge
And for a heart and a promise my soul I pledged
Can you read in between the lines
Or did time weather away what was once thought mine
Did you forget the feelings shared between our lips
Did you forget the love shared between our hips
Me holding your hand in a car as they tore down your childhood
You promised forever or was that misunderstood
Was I just a distraction
Perhaps merely a fatal attraction
A punch line your ego tells so well
Your cockiness clientele
Should I give into my vice
I roll the dice
I zip my lips, lock it and throw away the key
My heart agrees to disagree
I still sit here and debate
Was I everything or just another mistake
So when you click the link and it brings you here what exactly are you are searching for
Perhaps my dear your heart is looking for more, perhaps we both can’t run from this war

    • I love the fact that a writer that I enjoy reading so so much leaves me comments like this. Thank you for your comments.

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