The Hitchhikers Guide to Rambling

Its Saturday folks and I have been just taking it easy. I’m thankful for what I do have in my life. From the cornerstone of Christ the foundation built on faith to my wife who holds my hand through it all. It’s a week away from Christmas and I haven’t focused once on the birth of Christ. I have been too caught up with Christmas trees, lights, gift wrapping, cookies and holiday coffee at Starbucks. It’s been a Hallmark Christmas thus far and I desire to change it, quickly. I have been noticing more and more as my faith walk continues that my desire for Christ and revelation of my faults goes hand and hand. The more I realize my sins and how I continually sin on a day to day, almost a minute to minute bases my desire to be perfect and clean skyrocket but I must keep in mind that I won’t and can’t be what I’m not. I am a sinful creature. There is no difference between me and my actions and those of Hitler, Stalin, OJ Simpson, the guy next door and whoever reads this post. What makes us anything is the Blood of Christ. I’m tired of people judging me for my actions but never look at their own. I’m tired of fake Christians who think they will make it to heaven by doing good deeds. I’m tired of the man I am. I expect more from myself and from other Christians but I know that we can’t do anything without Christ. Is it too much that I expect all Christians to be united? Why is it that we base or relationship on doctrine, church building, age and materialistic things and not on the only thing that matters, Christ alone?  

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