Everyone Talks About Everyone, So Let’s Talk

                Why do we preach/practice and live out gossip and never the Gospel? Why does it seem like everyone including myself talks about everyone and never in a positive way but only in a negative way? Just been thinking about this a lot as of late especially when I’m talking about someone.

                I want to know/love Christ on a higher/deeper level but do not want to put the work into it. Can’t even remember the last time I sat down and read through my Bible and prayed/lived out scripture. I want to be fed by scripture; I want to live for Christ and not for myself. But it is easier said than done. 

                Can you consider it church when all you do is hang out and play worship music and maybe throw in a generic prayer? I mean isn’t that the same thing the wife and I do in the morning driving to work and listening to K-Love?

                I seem to try way too hard to make friends with people who have no desire to be friends with me. I feel as though because we share the same Savoir that is enough to be friends. But here on earth it isn’t and maybe I will just have to wait for us all to return home in order for us to be friends or better yet a family. I look at the book of Acts and that is what I see, a family. That is what I want.

                Can one truly call himself saved when there is so much hatred inside? How can Jesus and hatred occupy the same spot?

                I would be down to getting together on Saturday mornings and read the bible and fellowship together with people but can’t seem to get it started or find people that are interested in it. People are always too busy or too lazy and unfortunately I fall under both of those categories.

That is all the shenanigans you’re going to get tonight folks.

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