Fake Passport

With a Facebook, Twitter or even a WordPress account you can get caught up in fraud. You make yourself a fake passport of sorts that gives you access into a world you don’t belong to.

With online communities you get the possibility to redo yourself or shall I say sell yourself the way you see fit. You can hide all your flaws that make you, you. You can shout out tweets that make you seem smarter than the average bear. You can make the zit free photoshoped airbrushed photo your main pic. You sit here and quote famous Christian authors to seem cool and hip. You leave out all the truth and forge ahead into a life that resembles nothing of your true life.

So what’s the point of this blog? I mean I did just awhile back write a blog about how I am Socially Awkward that touched a little on this subject but you know what, I just felt like ranting on this subject again because I’m tired of people being phony. Is this what God calls us to be?

Here is some raw truth for you all, I suck, you suck, we all suck. We all fall short and are basically ugly creatures. If we’re truly as perfect as our online façade then Jesus would never have had to die for us. I want to get the point of God’s love across to you all. God sees that crap we do and He knows the dirty thoughts that run through our minds and still He loves us. We broke/break all His commandments and He still gave His only begotten Son to die for us.

So we as a “Christian” community whether or not it be online or in our churches, why do we see the point of carrying on with these façades to win approval of other sinners who in God’s eyes are just equally as dirty as the next sinner?

God loves you for a reason so just let that shine through the crap of today and just be yourself people.

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